We have no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has changed our ways of living. If you’re a seasoned gambler surely you are now relying on real money online casinos. Land-based casinos have been deserted and the only thing we know now is staying indoors. Well, but the time shall come when the storm will settle and things will start going back to normal. And if you love travelling that will happen as well.

But one might ponder that will travelling to other countries after the pandemic be the same? Well, the honest answer to this question is no. travelling after the coronavirus will not be the same. If you are going to be travelling by flight surely you are more likely to see a lot of changes accompanied by some new measures. On that note, let’s give some predictions on changes that you are going to come across when you are travelling.

Queues at Immigration Will be Longer than ever before

As it stands, countries like China, Singapore and South Korea have eased their lockdown restrictions and we have been witnessing some people flocking into these countries. One of the major worries might be the new infection coming from outside. And to curb this, some of these countries are ordering people to isolate for two weeks despite being tested negative. For those that do not have permanent resident they are simply being ordered to go to the isolation ward.

Travellers Will require more than a Passport

Some of the countries are making sure that they start testing at the border. This is the priority especially if you are coming from hotspot countries. You will be refused entrance unless you have a certificate of clearance. Unlike casinos such as https://www.paripop.com/fr which is based in France, you don’t need a passport to play from it while in the U.S or U.K. This means you will surely need more documentation rather than a passport. And if you don’t want to be frustrated you need to make sure that you expect some of these changes.