Apple has updated its MacBook Air Laptop basic. The new Version of the popular flat Notebooks got a much improved screen with a higher resolution and a fingerprint scanner, the far more expensive Pro models. The price is increasing from 1.099 to 1,349 euros (999 1.199 dollars). In addition, Apple introduced new versions of its tablet computer iPad Pro and its small size desktop computer Mac mini.

made in The housing of the new Air models will, for the first time completely made of recycled aluminum. So Apple wants to make its claim to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Apple founder Steve Jobs over a decade ago in the first MacBook Air, the audience moved from a paper envelope, the revolutionary Design direction for the laptop market. Finally, the Air seemed to be in Apple’s product range, but as a relic from another Era, because many of the hardware components were obsolete. According to estimates of analysts of the Air remains the best-selling Mac Computer. In total, there are now 100 million active Mac users, such as CEO Tim Cook said.

The new iPad Pro Apple replaced similar to the new iPhones – the fingerprint scanner through the face recognition FaceID. As a result, the edges of the screen have become even narrower. The new iPad also got a more powerful Chip on the Basis of the A12 processor from the current iPhone.

As a further novelty, Apple introduced a completely newly developed Version of the small desktop computer Mac mini, which has not been updated for several years. Here, too, the housing is made of recycled aluminum comes from.