Diagnosed and expensive miracle drug: fraudsters telephoned from 20 to 50 seniors a day

In Moscow detained a swindler who lured hundreds of thousands of rubles for the fake cancer drugs. At first they scared seniors by phone terrible diagnoses and then offered to buy the supposedly life-saving but very expensive medicine. In fact, the analogue of activated coal. Where fraudsters took the data of the elderly?

The criminal group consisted of three people: two sisters and a male courier. Fraudsters ring up pensioners who recently passed a medical examination.

We were told that she had cancer and that it can send to Kashirku. Or there is another option — oncotherapy that will give her the results.

If the victim believed, she voiced the amount of 470 thousand for the drug. The money came courier. Instead, he left a few cans of conventional sorbent which is no more than 150 rubles.

– That were taken?
– what are Banks?
– White.
– And that the banks which took?
– I passed.

Then the scammers have changed the SIM card and continued to call.

– How long have been working?
Three years.
– How many people have been deceived?
– Not considered.

One of the deceived women went to the police.

He gave three cans of red pack, white, with medications. I gave him 473 thousand.

Calling the victims from the apartment where during the search they found several mobile phones and plastic cards. Perhaps the main evidence is the names of the victims and their phones. All the paper is torn to shreds. Most likely, at the last moment they tried to destroy. A criminal case under article “Fraud”.

“According to the detainees, the day they telephoned from 20 to 50 people. In this regard, the police carried out a complex quickly-search actions directed on establishment of all victims,” — said the official representative of the Russian Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk.

police are Now trying to go to the organizer of criminal business. According to mits operatives, it provided the staff at the call center database by phones of the victims.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”