Hospitalized in Moscow citizens of the PRC of the signs of pneumonia have not been identified

the representative of the Moscow health Department reported that in hospitalized the night before in the high temperature from the Moscow hotel of tourists from China did not reveal signs of pneumonia.

Arriving on-site doctors examined all complained of feeling unwell. Given the fact that at the present time to China, which arrived tourists, increased attention is being paid to the outbreak caused by a novel coronavirus pneumonia, with the aim of further observations were hospitalized, seven people with symptoms of acute respiratory viral diseases, reports “Interfax”. Now they are all in satisfactory condition with minimal normal manifestations of respiratory disease.

As reported, on Saturday late evening, seven members of a tour group from China, located in the hotel in the North of Moscow in the area of the voykovsky, was hospitalized with a high fever. Other hotel guests were examined by doctors, now they have to urgently take tests.

on 31 December last year, Chinese authorities notified the world health organization (who) about the outbreak in Wuhan, a major commercial and industrial centre with a population of over 11 million people, of pneumonia of unknown type. The causative agent, the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV, was installed on 7 January. He was later identified in Australia, Vietnam, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, USA, Thailand, France and Japan. The who declared the outbreak a national emergency for China, but refrained from declaring an international emergency.

According to the latest Ministry of health of Russia, as of Saturday evening, January 25, the world was 1438 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, of which 42 died.