Vtorygina - Vodonaevoy: it is wrong to talk about people

the Young families in Russia need the support of the state and are grateful to the leadership for this support, said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on family Elena Vtorygina. “It is wrong to talk about people”, — said the Deputy of the point of view of the Tyumen model and blogger Alena Vodonaevoy against payment of maternity capital in Russia.

the conviction Vodonaevoy, “to give birth for the sake of a million” is a “cattle, which are not always enough for a bottle of vodka”. After his controversial Instagram post, the former model has once again confirmed its position in a live program “60 minutes.” In her words, “maternal capital should be a nice bonus for normal families, not for people with low social responsibility.”

Elena Vtorygina told RIA Novosti that at the moment is in your area and hears nothing from the people except words of gratitude. “This is a decent, hardworking people, people, young families, who said fellow, the President, saw us young,” she says. Drinkers are the same people, according to Vtorygina, children almost do not give birth, as “already built their lives differently.”

Earlier words Vodonaevoy said the TV host Vladimir Solovyov. After such hateful statements, it hardly makes sense to quote, and just pay attention to its existence, he said. Solovyov also advised Vodonaevoy “stop, look at yourself in the mirror and try to find in their eyes even the shadow of intelligence, education and respect for people.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin had called those who are opposed to financial support for families with children, “moral monsters”.