the shooting of The video with the Smartphone, are the ghosts just like in the Photograph: on the one Hand, provided in the manufacturer's Apps are optimized for the respective Hardware, on the other hand, special photo...
Darmstadt is testing in the pedestrian a self-driving sweeper. The field trial was the first in the public space nationwide, said the representatives of the German city on Wednesday over the three-day trial, up to and including...
The search engine giant Google has separated due to allegations of sexual harassment by another senior employee. How the Google parent company, Alphabet announced on Wednesday, have Rich DeVaul left the company without severance pay. ...
The bike has been in the past year, 200. For over two centuries, it has steadily gained in appeal and fascination – because the product has been continuously improved and refined. The industry posted in the last...
The car on and complete by mobile phone? This is already today, with some manufacturers, a reality, if you are next to a vehicle with abonniertem Connectivity service-the networking of the car is of the coin –...
Stefan Pierer is Chairman of the Executive Board of the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM. The company was mainly as a manufacturer of all-terrain motorcycles known. In Europe, KTM the market leader in motorcycles. TIME...


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Muhammad is beaten by McLaughlin in the battle of world-record hurdlers

Sydney McLaughlin broke this world record. Dalilah Muhammad broke it, too. Only one of the top hurdlers in the world could win the Olympic gold --...