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Composer Eric Daubresse is dead

The composer Eric Daubresse died Monday, October 29, at the Necker hospital, in Paris – where he was in treatment for cancer – a few days before his 64th birthday. With a passion for computer music, this man, a sweet-natured and available has found its way as a musical assistant, a form of the auxiliary composition, he arrived at the pioneer Institute for research and coordination acoustic/music (Ircam), in the early 1990s.

Eric Daubresse was born on 2 November 1954 at Arras (Pas-de-Calais), where he furthered his musical studies, continuing at the conservatory of Lille. With a background in science, he is interested very early in the electroacoustic and frequent the cultural center of Noroit in Arras, where he follows in particular courses organized by the Groupe de recherches musicales (GRM). It meets at this occasion, Guy Reibel that it incorporates the class of electroacoustic music at the conservatoire de Paris in parallel, in the same institution, to study composition with Ivo Malec.

In 1985, after his graduation from the Paris conservatory, he participated in the creation of the studio Prémis, designed for the 2e2m ensemble and teaches electroacoustic music at the conservatory of Champigny-sur-Marne. Alain Huteau, percussionist 2e2m, combines then to Eric Daubresse, to form the duo Spiral, at the origin of numerous music scores for percussion and electronics. The broad field of “mixed music” (which is the result of the confrontation of the sources of instrumental and electronic) is also explored by Eric Daubresse within the overall Route.

hyphen between research and creation

In 1990, he entered the Ircam, the temple of the computer music founded by Pierre Boulez (1925-2016). Marc Battier, then head of the department “Creation,” the commits to a one-time operation which led, two years later, on a post of assistant music production. At Ircam, this is a first. No representative…

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